Thursday, June 11, 2009

Avon for the Furture.

Okay so I am working on a 2 year goal to be a stay at home mom. Since we figure the earliest we will start having kids is 2 years I am attempting to build my Avon business so I can supplement his income enough that I can stay at home. Anyway, it is cool cause with all the modern marvels Avon has it set up to where you get you own online store. is the address of mine! If you go to this link you log directly into my store. You can even order and have it sent directly to you! cool right! anyway no pressure in Avon just do some window shopping there is a new campaign every two weeks so be sure to check in. Alright well I miss you guys! talk to you soon. Oh yeah! if you are interested in selling Avon talk to me and I will let you know how easy it really is!!!!!!!! bye now

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American idol preparation

Okay, so it sounds a little harsh but it isn't a professional recording and this is my first time singing this song.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

in carmel

for my friends.

Ok so I know you love to see that I never post anything so I am making it up to you. Today was crappy, I am by myself at work so it was super busy. By the time I get off I am so excited to get out of there that I didn't realize I left my phone on top of my car. I was half way down the road when I decided to look at my phone to see if I had any missed calls. I flipped out as soon as it dawned on me that I set it on my car so I turned around like I was in a race movie and hit the gas trying to get to wherever my phone was before someone was going to run it over. When I got to it it was seconds before the other car got to it and it was in pieces in pieces, luckily I put it back together and it still worked. Then I continued on my way home. As I was waiting for the car in front of me to turn he put his car in reverse and backed into mine! ERRRRRR stupid punk! I had to chase him down cause he ran. With good reason because turns out it wasn't his car and he was an illegal mexican. It didn't hurt more or my car so he is lucky I didn't call the cops and send him packing! Anyway thats my blurb!